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Whether lounging around in front of a crackling fire with a cup of hot cocoa or taking a running slide across the linoleum, there is a slipper that is perfect for every occasion, every season and every personal style.

Slip into Something More Comfortable

Slippers are designed for comfort.  Imagine coming home, kicking off your shoes and slide your feet into the warm, welcoming, soft comfort of slippers.  Slippers that fit properly should hug your feet without pinching or cramping, providing plenty of room without slipping off when you walk.  A good quality pair of slippers offer not only protection from the cold, but support and cushion your tired feet after a long day.

If your foot is on the upper end of the range of a size, it may be prudent to buy women’s slippers in the next size up, especially when buying fitted slippers like ballet-slippers.

Shapes and Styles

If you intend to wear your slippers out to pick up the morning paper, you will want to buy women’s slippers with practical rubber soles intended for outdoor wear.  For lounging around the house, a lighter pair of ballerina type slip-ons or ultra easy, thickly cushioned scuffs or leather-soled booties might be appropriate.  Warm weather styles include open-toed designs and even thong straps.  For cooler weather and drafty floors, a boot-style slipper or even tall slipper-socks will offer your feet insulation against the chill.


Slippers are no longer the footwear of frumpy housewives with curlers in their hair and ratty bathrobes hanging from their shoulders, shuffling their kids out the door to school.  With today’s shaped insoles, memory foam, practical rubber soles and synthetic and natural insulation, slippers are a both stylish and comfortable necessity in any woman’s wardrobe.

Whether you buy women’s slippers from the funky and casual trendy style choices, opting for style without sacrificing comfort, or prefer the earthier, practical look of moccasin or rubber-soled suede booties, your new slippers will be well made of the highest quality materials available.  Many luxury lines offer spa-style slippers that will wrap your feet in soft comfort, bringing to mind thick carpets and lavender-scented bubble baths, the ultimate in pampering.  For the ultimate in comfort, look for slippers that have won awards.

Many of the new slippers use the latest technology to cushion your feet with rubber soles in a durable slipper that will cradle aching arches, while fur-lined upper and honeycomb rubber technology soles offer durability and practicality in warm and snuggly style.  Another popular line uses only the finest in sheepskin, fleece and wool in its slippers, ensuring comfort and durability that will last for many years to come.

No matter the brand, style or color, you will want to own several pairs of high-quality slippers to pamper your hard-working feet with the latest styles and the optimum comfort that comes with sliding out of your shoes at the end of a long day and sliding on a pair of warm, comfortable, good-looking slippers.  Your feet will thank you.

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