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Sandals are a summer icon, giving women a chance to show off freshly-painted toes and adding a fun, casual flair to summer fashions.  With a myriad of choices available in color, style and heel size, the possibilities are nearly endless.  Comfort and style collide in a happy unity, making sandals one of the most versatile and fun shoe styles to wear.  There are a few things to consider when you buy women’s sandals, including the best sandal for your silhouette, outfit and lifestyle.

Sandal Sized

Sandals are one of the more forgiving styles when it comes to size, but fit is still an important consideration.  An accurate measurement of your foot is an important starting place when shopping for sandals.  In the late afternoon, stand barefoot on a piece of paper and trace both feet.  Measure the length and the width at the widest point of each outline.  Compare the measurements to the sizing chart provided on the website for the brand of shoes you are considering to determine the appropriate size for you.

Be sure to buy women’s sandals that are the proper size for your feet.  Too-small sandals are not flattering, and sandals that are too large can cause you to trip and fall.  A good fit is crucial not only to your comfort but your safety as well.

Open Toe Vs. Closed Toe?

The style of sandal depends largely on the formality of the occasion.  For every-day casual wear, open-toed sandals are a comfortable option.  For a more formal or professional look, closed toe sandals are the way to go.  If you opt for open-toed sandals, be sure you’re putting your best foot forward with clean, well-trimmed toenails.  Avoid showing off cracked or peeling nail polish or raggedy-edged nails.  Peek-a-boo styles are a smart and flattering frame for a nice pedicure.

Sandal Dos and Don’ts

The versatility of sandals is one of the hallmarks of the style, making them an elegant choice, perfect for every day.  Choices range from rubber flip-flops for beachwear to stylish and sophisticated ankle straps.  Like other fashions, not all styles are appropriate for all occasions.  When wearing a mini or short shorts, buy women’s sandals with a thin ankle-strap style to add length to the leg.  A wider strap is flattering with a stylish classic sundress or to add a relaxed flair to a pair of dark denims or casual slacks.  For a semi-formal look, opt for patent-leather sandals, the perfect accessory for the office.  

To add height while maintaining stability, consider a platform sandal.  This classic look is great for casual parties, and comfortable enough for standing and walking.

Gladiator sandals are another daring option that can add a very personal touch to your personal fashion.  Wear gladiator sandals with denim or with a summer dress for a bohemian look.  For a really bold expression, try the high-leg gladiator with a simple black dress.

Whatever your sandal style, the variety of colors and designs make sandals a must-have for every woman’s wardrobe.

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