Fun, Classic Style with Saddle Oxfords

Hearkening to the days of sock hops and drive-ins, saddle oxfords are one of the most stylish shoes in the history of fashion. Featuring two-tone design, these comfortable shoes are versatile and can complement nearly any outfit. Pair them with a pant suit for a quick professional look. Wear them with an a-line skirt and strike a classic feminine pose.

These oxfords earned their name from the colored leather saddle that straddles the middle of the shoe. Many original styles were crafted of simple black and white leather. They were thought suitable for both the office and an evening out. Many young women paired them with poodle skirts for dances and dates. During the '50s, young women often wore oxfords with turned-down or adorned ankle socks.

Today's saddle oxfords retain the styling of their classic forebears with modern design touches. The two-tone shoes are available in hundreds of color combinations. Some shoe companies have chosen to match solid-colored leather or canvas with printed fabrics for an extra touch of fashion fun. Suede is also used in place of traditional, smooth leather to add an extra textural element to the classic oxford. Of course, new versions of this shoe feature better arch support and sturdier soles than their predecessors.

Several companies now make high-heeled saddle oxfords for fashion-conscience women. These shoes combine the classic two-tone saddle styling with a contemporary chunky heel. This style has become particularly popular amongst fashion hounds interested in vintage clothing and Rockabilly aesthetics. Most high-heeled oxfords are designed with both appearance and comfort in mind. They feature solid arch support for long nights on the dance floor.

Busy professionals have also adopted the sleek, classic styling of the saddle oxford for office use. Two-tone shoes in dark browns and grays make a perfect complement to nearly any suit. They can instantly boost the style IQ of anyone who chooses to wear them. Many business executives who are required to wear suits enjoy expressing their personalities with these fun shoes. The saddle oxford style remains popular amongst golfers as well.

Saddle oxfords have also made a comeback amongst adolescents and teens. Even if they don't know the origin of the style, young fashionistas appreciate the striking color combinations offered by the saddle shoe. They are comfortable enough to be worn to school every day. These shoes are also durable, making them a budget-friendly splurge for almost any parent.