Riding Boots for Horseback Riding and Fashion

Riding boots are designed for riding horses. Modern womens riding boots are available in many styles for both English and Western riding. Traditional black riding boots or brown riding boots display a classic style in the riding ring, but other colors such as red and tan allow the rider to show her unique fashion sense. The riding boots fashion design has practical features for use as horseback riding boots. Most riding boots reach high enough on the legs so that the saddle leathers will not chafe the rider. Lower styles such as paddock boots and ropers are often used in combination with chaps or other protective clothing. Riding boots also have heels to help keep the feet in the stirrup, and the toes are reinforced or made of sturdy leather to help protect the feett when walking on rough terrain and in the vicinity of horses. Most riding boots are made of leather for breathable comfort and durability, but vinyl and other synthetic materials are also used. Cowhide leather is common for both English and Western riding boots, but other leather types are available. Some cowboy boots have upper parts made of exotic leathers such as alligator or snakeskin.

Although horse riding boots are made for equestrian use, the same design features that make them useful when riding are also fashionable for everyday wear. Classic tall leather riding boots look great paired with a skirt short enough to show off the boots. Shorter black or brown riding boots add flair to basic slacks or jeans. The distinct heel that helps a rider stay on the horse also makes the boots look good with many styles of outfits. The heel is low enough for comfortable walking but high enough to accentuate the boots and the legs. For fashion womens riding boots are versatile and will always be in style. Boots for fashion and horseback riding are available to fit all budgets so they can find a place in every woman's wardrobe.