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Buying shoes is not most men’s idea of a pleasant afternoon’s pastime.  Men are unlikely to get excited over an adorable pair of shoes or spend a lot of time to finding exact shades or styles to match their wardrobes.  However, whether you wear a suit to the office or denims to the construction site, a good quality pair of shoes is a necessity no man can do without.  Online shopping offers an easy way out of endless slogging through stores in search of a decent pair of shoes that match not only a man’s style, but offers comfortable, good quality wear for the long term when you need to buy men’s shoes.

Proper fit

No matter how stylish or sharp a pair of shoes might be, they will sit in the closet gathering dust if they’re not comfortable to wear.  Fit is one of the most important things to consider when you buy men’s shoes.   

To measure at home, begin by standing on a blank piece of paper.  With the weight slightly forward, trace a line around each foot.  Measure the length of each foot and the width at the widest point, to determine your measurements. It is best to measure your feet at the end of the day, after they have had a chance to spread from the pressure of the day’s activities

Keep in mind that not all styles are equal.  The size you wear in athletic shoes may be different from what you will need in a dress shoe.  Most companies offer sizing charts on their websites to help you find the right size for your foot.  A little research while shopping can save hassle later on.

Suitable shoes

While athletic shoes or basic loafers can cover most men’s daily wear, every man should own at least one pair of good-quality dress shoes for formal occasions.  While it may be tempting to buy the least expensive pair available, keep in mind that wearing dress shoes is often an all-day affair, whether you wear them occasionally for attending a formal function like a wedding or spend a day in business meetings at the office.  Quality is at least as important as price when you buy men’s shoes.

A sharp suit can enhance your look, but the wrong pair of shoes can ruin the presentation.  Keep in mind a few simple style rules when shopping: Black dress shoes go with a navy or black suit.  Brown oxfords go with a navy or gray suit, or denim or khaki and a sport coat for a more casual look.

A word about socks

Socks not only help maintain the health and comfort of your feet, they protect your shoes from premature wear as well.  In anything but sandals, socks are a necessity.  Casual socks are for everyday wear, with loafers or athletic shoes.  For running, hiking or working out, consider thicker athletic socks for more cushion and moisture-absorbing qualities.  Finally, a good quality pair of dress socks is a vital accessory when wearing formal shoes.

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