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From the time you buy baby’s first pair of shoes onward, buying children’s shoes can seem like a daunting task. Children up to age six will grow at least a half size every two to four months, making shoe shopping an inevitable part of every parent’s life. Fortunately online shopping can take a lot of the work and worry out of keeping the kids in quality footwear.

Quality in quantity

Your toddler’s first faltering steps mark a magical time. They also signal that it’s time to buy kids shoes to protect their developing feet and help your child develop support and balance.  For those first pairs of shoes, a soft, thin sole allows the range of movement a toddler needs while offering protection and support for those first crucial steps. Older children will need good quality shoes that will survive the rigors of childhood and be outgrown before they are worn out. Shopping online can offer significant discounts over department store prices.

Size matters

Choose a shoe that fits your child’s foot properly to avoid pinching and blisters. A simple way to determine the proper size is to measure the feet. Have your child stand on a piece of paper with their weight slightly forward. Trace around both feet with a pencil, and measure the length of the foot and the width at the widest point. Both measurements are important to obtaining a good fit.
Since kids grow so fast, it is tempting to go up a size when you buy kid’s shoes, but never buy more than one size larger than your child’s measurements indicate.  Shoes that are too large can cause trips and falls.

What to look for

While characters and other bright decorations on shoes often tempt children, it is important to look for good quality, both in materials and workmanship.  Most parents find their children need at least three pairs of shoes: a casual pair of loafers, boots or shoes for every day wear, a pair of athletic shoes for active play and a pair of dress shoes for formal occasions.

Kids are hard on their shoes, as any parent can tell you.  It is important to buy kid’s shoes that will stand up to the wear and tear of everyday activities.  Buying good-quality name brands will ensure that the shoes will not wear out before they are outgrown.

Hand-me-downs may seem like a tempting way to save a bit of money, but shoes are one area where parents should not skimp.  Children’s feet are developing along with the rest of them.  It is important that their ligaments and muscles have proper support.  Shoes tend to mold to the shape of the individual wearer, so putting used shoes on children’s feet cause them to conform to a shape other than their own, which may cause discomfort and development problems.

Remember that children tend to live stuck on fast-forward.  They rarely walk when they can run, and they jump, hop, skip and dash their way through life.  Stable, non-slip soles and good cushioning are necessities.  Avoid heels and thick, chunky soles, as they make it difficult for children to walk and run.

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