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Naot Footwear began in 1942 as a small factory in Israel that made boots. It currently has about 160 workers and designs shoes, sandals, clogs and boots with comfort in mind. In 1988, when they faced competition from the Far East they considered closing. A consultant studying the problem helped them modernize their products and speed up production. In 2006 Shamrock Holdings of California purchased 66 percent of the company. About 80 percent of the products are now sold or exported to the United States, UK, Germany,Canada, and other countries.

Naot Footwear makes fashionable comfortable shoes for men, women, and children. They use a unique foot bed in the shoes that contours to the foot. This provides comfort and natural support to the feet. They use high quality materials to make shoes, sandals, boots, clogs, and casual shoes. Some shoes are sold with removable cork and latex foot beds so customers can insert their own orthodontics made from their doctor. They make great walking shoes.

The women's sandals with removable foot beds are comfortable and well designed. They come in colors like black, espresso, gold, and metal. The leather is comfortable and perfect for warm weather. Some sandals have back straps and hook and loop straps that are easy to use. The Trevador is a gladiator sandal with decorative metal ornamentation in black and sterling leather Women's shoes have 1/2 inch heel and come in different styles. Some are slip on with straps or are flat lace up shoes. Color are basic black, brown, gray and red. Some clogs and boots come with removable foot beds too.

Some mens sandals and shoes have removable foot beds made of cork and latex . The mens sandal collection has fisherman style sandals called Kevin with a back strap and tongue. These comfortable mens sandal comes in chocolate. The Men's Scandinavian collection has several styles to choose from. Certain mens shoes,clogs, and boots come with removable foot beds too.

Naot Footwear makes clogs, shoes, and sandals for children. The focus in comfort and style. Some women's clogs have removable foot beds others do not. Some styles are strap less and other have padded back straps and front straps for comfort. The Cosmpoolitan collection offers stylish clogs for work or school. They have a 1-1/4 inch heel and are made with leather no straps in back. They sell a large selection of boots for women mid calf, knee high, stretch, wedge, flat, heel and ankle boots.

Men's boots and shoes come in two styles lace up and slip on. The designs are classic and comfortable. Men's sandals have four distinct styles to choose from slide, backstrap, toe thong, and removable foot bed. When it comes to style, comfort and design in sandals, boots, shoes, and clogs, Noat Footwear makes well made long lasting footwear. They specialize in comfort and natural design in footwear for men, women, and children.
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