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Since 2010, sisters Sarah and Jennifer Caplan have been transforming the fashion industry with their innovative and unique introduction of Footzyfolds. Revolutionizing the pain and torment that women face every day in their beautiful and costly yet torturing heels with an answer that not only provides relief but does so in a fashion-friendly and fashion-forward manner. Footzyfolds Shoes have simply become the epitome of the phrase “best of both worlds” for women everywhere.

What started as a small idea has caught on like a wildfire. The sisters have evolved their original idea, of an easy to carry and conceal shoe option into a whirlwind of selections for the more fashion-conscious. They have made the idea of comfort from your high heels into a megahit that provides not only relief, but coordinating and adorable alternatives that come with their own packaging as well as matching bags for the shoes that couldn’t make the long haul. On top of all of that, these shoes are durable with their hard soles. They stand up to the elements of day-to-day travel just like any other shoe.

Footzyfolds are now offered in many different styles, and in two different functions. The original footzyrolls are easy to carry ballet type flats that simply roll up and can be dropped into even the smallest of handbags. Then, there are the flats that fold into a neat and tiny carrying case. With colors and styles galore, and durability to match a girl can’t go wrong with these little miracles. There are so many options that the choice doesn’t come down to which pair to get, but how many pairs to get. Their unique and sturdy construction allows for the additional purchase of shoes to be for a different color or style, not for replacement.

There is even more exciting news for the foldable shoe lovers this year. The 2013 launch of the Knee High Completely Foldable Winter Fashion Boot was unveiled at the Platfoom Show in Las Vegas. The boots will provide the fashion trend of the winter boot, but fold for easy travel and storage plus provide the warmth and comfort one expects from the brand.
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